7 Medical Marketing Media Strategies That Really Work


In the competitive world of healthcare, medical practices need effective marketing strategies to attract new patients and grow their business. While traditional methods like print ads and billboards still have value, today’s patients are increasingly turning to digital media and social networks for health information and provider recommendations. This makes online marketing media like targeted search ads, social media, email, websites, videos, and online reviews especially powerful tools for healthcare marketers. This article will explore 7 medical marketing media strategies that really work.

Targeted Paid Search

Leverage targeted paid search through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) based on your patients’ search behaviors. Identify the specific keywords your patients are most likely using to search for your services online. Then, create focused paid search ad campaigns on Google and Bing targeting those keywords. Keep your ads and landing pages simple and centered around the targeted keywords. Test different ad copy and images to drive the highest click-through rate at an optimal cost per click. You can also hire a medical marketing agency to run ads for your business.

Leverage Social Media

Build a presence on medical social networks like Sermo and LinkedIn as well as general networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Post relevant content and engage with potential patients to build awareness, credibility, and trust over time. Start with your most active networks and scale up to other platforms for maximum impact.

Craft Compelling Email Content

Send timely, valuable email newsletters and alerts to your existing patients. Include health tips, information on new treatments, success stories, and more. Use these communications to highlight new offerings and provide special offers to drive patient acquisition. Test subject lines and content to optimize your open and click-through rates.

Create Valuable YouTube Videos

Creating valuable YouTube videos can be an effective medical marketing strategy. Health-related videos can educate patients, build trust, and spread the word about your practice.

Start by shooting and uploading brief videos covering common medical procedures, health issues, and other topics relevant to your specialty. Have specialists within your practice explain your services and treatments in a clear, straightforward manner. Let the quality and usefulness of the video content speak for itself. The goal should be to inform and help patients understand their conditions and options. When people watch your health videos and find them valuable, they will be more inclined to trust you as an expert in your field.

Run Targeted Facebook Ads

Leverage Facebook’s powerful targeting capabilities to reach people based on demographics, behaviors, interests, and locations. Create dynamic ad campaigns that automatically optimize for the highest click-throughs at the optimal cost. Experiment with different ad images, copy and offers to find the highest-performing ad components.

Publish Health Articles

Publishing health-related articles on relevant websites and blogs is an effective strategy for establishing yourself as a medical expert and attracting new patients. Write pieces on health topics within your specialty aimed at educating and informing readers. Be sure to include your name, professional credentials, and practice information at the end of the articles. Consistently creating and sharing fresh articles on timely healthcare topics will help improve your search rankings for key medical phrases over time, bringing more visibility to your practice.

Boost Reviews On Rating Sites

Ask satisfied patients to post reviews on rating sites like Google, Healthgrades, Yelp, and Vitals. Respond to both positive and negative reviews professionally and sincerely. Offer incentives like discounts to motivate more reviews. Monitor for fake or competitor-planted negative reviews and work to get them removed.