11 Best Free Coding Bootcamps in 2023

Best Free Coding Bootcamps
Best Free Coding Bootcamps

1. Defining a Coding Bootcamp

A coding bootcamp is a specialized, focused training program that aims to equip individuals with the practical skills and knowledge needed to succeed in tech-related jobs, particularly in web development and software engineering. These programs are often much shorter and more intensive than traditional degrees, typically lasting between 8 to 12 weeks.

2. Top Eleven Free Coding Bootcamps of 2023

While I can’t provide real-time data, as of my last update in September 2021, there were several excellent free coding bootcamps available such as The Odin Project, Codecademy, freeCodeCamp, Coursera (offering financial aid), edX, and others. In 2023, look out for programs that offer comprehensive curriculum covering multiple programming languages, dedicated mentorship, real-world project experience, and a strong community support.

3. Reasons to Enroll in a Coding Bootcamp

Enrolling in a coding bootcamp could be the catalyst for a career change, advancement, or to gain a new skill. For individuals interested in the tech industry, these bootcamps offer the necessary tools and skills to enter this rapidly growing field. They offer fast-tracked learning in targeted areas such as web development, data science, and software engineering. Additionally, many of these bootcamps also provide career support and networking opportunities.

4. Selecting the Ideal Free Coding Bootcamp

When choosing a coding bootcamp, it’s essential to consider factors like the curriculum’s relevance, the length of the program, job placement rate, the presence of real-world projects, mentorship, and community support. Also, consider your personal commitments, the time you can devote, and your preferred learning style (self-paced vs. structured schedule).

5. FAQs on Free Coding Bootcamps

Some common questions regarding free coding bootcamps may include their effectiveness compared to paid programs, job prospects after completion, time commitment required, and whether they provide any certification upon completion.

6. The Next Steps

Once you’ve selected and completed a bootcamp, the next step is often to start applying for jobs or freelance projects. Be proactive in networking, keep building projects to add to your portfolio, and continue learning, as the tech field is always evolving. You could also consider advanced courses or specializations to further enhance your skills.

1. What is a coding bootcamp?

A coding bootcamp is fundamentally an intensive, accelerated course devised to impart the requisite skills to facilitate your transition into a programming career. In the current era, with the burgeoning demand for web development expertise, coding bootcamps have diversified and evolved to offer a variety of learning experiences.

Coding bootcamps are not a one-size-fits-all – their structure and duration vary, ranging from a few days to several months. Some involve a more interactive approach to learning, encompassing submission of assignments, online quizzes, guided tutorials, and practical exercises. Others place emphasis on job placement support through career guidance and leveraging institutional connections.

What distinguishes coding bootcamps from conventional web development courses is their holistic approach. Rather than concentrating solely on one particular area, bootcamps strive to provide a comprehensive suite of skills, equipping learners with a well-rounded understanding of programming. This comprehensive methodology enables learners to thrive in the dynamic landscape of technology and programming.

2. Eleven of the best free coding bootcamps in 2023

With a well-rounded understanding of what coding bootcamps represent, their distinct advantages, and the vital considerations for making an informed selection, it’s time to spotlight the top eleven free coding bootcamps that are leading the pack in 2023:

  1. Codecademy
  2. CodeOp
  3. UpSkill
  4. Ada Developers Academy
  5. freeCodeCamp
  6. SkillCrush
  7. MIT OpenCourseware
  8. Resilient Coders
  9. Founders and Coders
  10. Flatiron School
  11. CareerFoundry Web Development for Beginners Course

Now let’s take a deeper dive into the contents and goals of each free bootcamp.

CareerFoundry Web Development for Beginners Course

This compact bootcamp serves as an excellent launchpad to get your hands dirty by creating a tangible project right off the bat.

Spanning only five days, the bootcamp is entirely project-based, where you take the reins to construct your very own website.

You’ll get a solid foundation in all the key frontend concepts, which include leveraging HTML for webpage markup, utilizing CSS for styling, and employing JavaScript to inject dynamic functionality into your site.

What sets this bootcamp apart is its focus on a critical component of modern web development: responsive web design. In spite of its crucial role in ensuring your website shines on all device sizes, this aspect is often neglected. Remember, responsive design isn’t solely a UI designer’s realm—a proficient web developer breathes life into it.

Upon completion of this Web Development for Beginners Course, if it resonates with your learning objectives, you have the option to elevate your skills with the month-long, fully mentored Intro to Frontend Development Course.

This course subsequently leads into the flexible Full-Stack Web Development Program, designed with a laser focus on facilitating your career transition into the rewarding world of web development, further bolstered by a Job Guarantee.

To give you a glimpse of what this mini-bootcamp entails, check out this introductory video where Mozilla engineer Abhishek Nagekar kickstarts your journey to building your first website with HTML:


Codecademy stands out as an exceptional starting point in the realm of free coding bootcamps. Its teaching methodology heavily leans into the “learning through practical engagement” philosophy, rendering it a potent learning resource for aspiring developers.

Interestingly, Codecademy is the place where CareerFoundry’s own founder, Martin Ramsin, embarked on his coding journey with free courses. Offering a broad spectrum of both paid and complimentary courses, Codecademy’s web development curriculum serves as a fast track to acquiring coding skills.

Upon mastering the beginner courses in HTML and Ruby, you can level up to intermediate classes that delve into CSS, PHP, and cutting-edge libraries such as React, Node.js, p5.js, and Angular. What adds an exciting twist to their course offerings are the inclusion of innovative subjects such as Game Development and programming for Amazon Alexa devices.

If the free courses pique your interest, consider signing up for their PRO plan. This premium tier unlocks access to a vast library of additional courses and outlines dedicated career paths to assist you in your professional journey.


Adapting to the digital shift triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic, CodeOp has emerged as a reliable provider of free coding bootcamps, specifically catering to women, transgender individuals, and those who identify as gender non-conforming who aspire to break into the tech industry.

Beyond providing a nurturing learning environment, this institution places a high emphasis on personalized support and mentorship, achievable through maintaining small class sizes.

Their bootcamp curriculum is segregated into live workshops, covering HTML and CSS, JavaScript (available at beginner and advanced levels), Git, and Command-Line navigation.

If you find the classes resonate with your learning style and objectives, you can opt to enroll in their full- or part-time Full-Stack Bootcamp. This comprehensive program comes at a cost of €5,300 ($6,254) for the online version, or €7,200 ($8,496) for an immersive in-person experience in Barcelona or Kuala Lumpur.


In pursuit of a free coding bootcamp that offers an exhaustive learning experience? Look no further than UpSkill’s “Essential Web Developer Course”. Completely free, this course boasts an impressive catalogue of 197 lessons to navigate through.

The course facilitates your mastery of HTML, CSS, Ruby, and JavaScript, while simultaneously emphasizing the practical aspects of web development through an array of tools and frameworks. This is executed in alignment with UpSkill’s founding ethos—demystifying complex concepts into digestible nuggets of information.

In addition to their flagship course, UpSkill also offers a JavaScript Basics bootcamp, along with a variety of other free and premium courses to explore.

Ada Developers Academy

Echoing CodeOp’s mission, Ada Developers Academy is a non-profit institution dedicated to dismantling the barriers that discourage women and gender-expansive adults from flourishing in the tech landscape.

Headquartered in Seattle, their comprehensive free coding bootcamp equips students not only with coding proficiency but also with essential debugging skills and effective communication techniques. The ability to articulate technical aspects of web development to a diverse audience – be it colleagues, clients, or cross-functional teams – is an often-neglected yet vital element of web development, and Ada Developers Academy recognizes this.

Beyond the core subjects like Python, HTML, SQL, and JavaScript, Ada Developers Academy ventures into the realm of advocacy in tech. The curriculum delves into topics such as diversity and inclusion, leadership, and advocacy work, to name a few.

This focus is crucial not only within the context of corporate environments but also carries significant implications for the broader tech industry.


Living up to its name, freeCodeCamp serves as a digital oasis, offering a multitude of free coding bootcamps.

Their programs are diverse, featuring courses ranging from a Responsive Web Design Certification to specialized certifications in APIs and Microservices, Frontend Development Libraries, and Machine Learning with Python.

What sets freeCodeCamp apart and makes it a goldmine for aspiring web developers is its extensive repertoire of thousands of coding challenges. In addition to providing practice for common web developer interview questions, it also serves as a comprehensive preparatory tool for job applications, further solidifying your skill set.


One standout feature of their free coding bootcamp is the focus on not only the typical HTML and CSS but also WordPress development, a coveted skill in the industry.

Given that WordPress powers a vast number of websites and blogs (including this one), mastering WordPress development can give you a competitive edge, especially if you’re considering a freelance web developer career where constant demand is a significant perk.

Moreover, the bootcamp broadens its horizon by integrating visual components, including a foundational introduction to User Experience (UX) design. If you’re curious about understanding UX design and its relevance, we’ve compiled a useful guide to navigate through it.

MIT OpenCourseware

When it comes to leveraging free coding bootcamps, the opportunity to learn from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) should not be overlooked. Their Introduction to Computer Science and Programming in Python course revolves around recorded lectures, and the application of knowledge is primarily through problem sets and quizzes.

Although the academic environment might not perfectly align with the typical “bootcamp spirit,” the course’s objective of teaching problem-solving via computation is invaluable for aspiring web developers.

Further enhancing the course’s appeal, you will create your programs using Python 3.5, which enables you to familiarize yourself with the second-most-wanted programming language, according to the 2022 Stack Overflow Survey. This grounding in Python will undoubtedly amplify your career prospects in web development.

Resilient Coders

In the realm of free coding bootcamps, Resilient Coders distinguishes itself with a mission to imbue the tech world with more equity. Based in Boston, this intensive 20-week program is designed specifically for young individuals of color without college degrees.

Resilient Coders recruits participants through hackathons, which is an added incentive to join such events. Those who make the cut are then prepared for the professional world with a well-rounded curriculum covering core programming competencies and vital soft skills.

The technical aspects of the bootcamp encompass HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and numerous libraries, tools, and frameworks. They place a particular emphasis on achieving proficiency in vanilla JavaScript—a competency we also endorse. On the soft skills side, the curriculum prepares you in areas like communication, time management, and even guides you to undertake your own freelance project for a client during the program.

This comprehensive approach ensures that, upon completion, graduates are not only equipped to work as in-house programmers but also possess the skills and experience to embark on a career as a freelance web developer. The Resilient Coders bootcamp truly offers an all-encompassing package.

Founders and Coders

Founders and Coders, a non-profit organization based in London, stands out with their commitment to democratizing the tech industry. They offer a unique pathway to the software development world through paid apprenticeships, which are preceded by a free 3-month coding Skills Bootcamp.

Designed to equip you with all the essential skills to become a competent frontend developer, the bootcamp curriculum covers the basics of HTML and CSS, principles of accessible web design, and then delves into JavaScript, testing and debugging practices, and even offers interview preparation.

One unique aspect to note is the application process. To secure a place in this part-time free coding bootcamp, you need to apply and meet seasonal deadlines for the 2023 cohorts. Interestingly, you’ll work collaboratively on the application materials through their Discord server, which in itself is great preparation for the collaborative nature of professional web development.

Though the bootcamp is offered virtually, please be aware that to progress to their apprenticeship training, you must have the right to work in the UK and be within commuting distance of their London base. Founders and Coders offer a unique, comprehensive, and accessible path to a career in software development.

Flatiron School

Flatiron School presents a strong and comprehensive free coding bootcamp, organized as a sequence of video-led classes that meticulously cover the fundamental aspects of web and software development.

The curriculum is divided into four key areas: HTML & CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, and API Integration. The addition of API Integration to the curriculum is particularly beneficial. As APIs become increasingly significant in the realm of programming, having the ability to code APIs is an invaluable skill when working in a corporate setting.

If you resonate with the teaching approach offered by this course, you may consider advancing to their comprehensive paid courses in Software and Cybersecurity Engineering, which cost $16,900. Flatiron School not only provides a robust foundation for beginners but also offers potential pathways to deeper, more specialized knowledge in the field of software and cybersecurity engineering.

3. Why take a free coding bootcamp?

In the dynamic landscape of the 21st century, the pathways to learning and acquiring skills have dramatically evolved. While traditional wisdom often recommended pursuing a university degree as a surefire path to career success, the narrative surrounding tech careers, particularly coding, has shifted significantly.

The tech industry, with its rich diversity of self-taught professionals, has debunked the age-old convention that formal education is the only way to success. In the realm of coding, the importance of formal accreditation often takes a backseat to practical skills, creativity, and adaptability.

In this context, the real challenge lies not in accessing learning resources – thanks to the digital revolution – but rather in selecting the most suitable and effective learning pathway. If you’re intrigued by the prospect of a career in web development but are hesitant to invest significant time, finances, and energy without being sure, free coding bootcamps serve as a golden opportunity.

These condensed, practice-oriented courses offer a preliminary glimpse into the world of programming without overwhelming you with complexity. They serve as an ideal platform to explore your interest and aptitude for coding, thereby facilitating a more informed decision about whether to dive deeper into this vibrant field.

4. How to choose a free coding bootcamp

Selecting an appropriate free coding bootcamp involves considering several significant factors, most of which will be determined by your personal aspirations and learning style. Here are some elements to consider:

  1. Programming Language: You’ll hear about a variety of languages like Python, Ruby, Java, HTML in the realm of web development, with differing views on which ones are superior. It’s essential to select a bootcamp that offers instruction in a language that aligns with your learning goals and is relatively beginner-friendly. Understand if your interest lies in frontend, backend, or full-stack development, as this will guide your language selection.
  2. Learning Format: Free coding bootcamps can offer a variety of teaching styles. Don’t settle for a style that isn’t conducive to your learning just because the course is free. For instance, if you find that video tutorials don’t help you retain information effectively, a bootcamp that emphasizes hands-on learning or ‘learning by doing’ could be more beneficial. Some bootcamps provide an abundance of learning resources, while others prioritize hands-on coding from the outset. Identify the method that best aligns with your learning style.
  3. Career-oriented Learning: A comprehensive bootcamp should go beyond just teaching a coding language. It should prepare you for a career as a web developer, which involves more than just coding. Ensure your chosen bootcamp provides insights into other aspects of the job, such as using version control systems like Git, interacting with APIs, and understanding Agile workflows.

In essence, the best free coding bootcamp for you will be the one that aligns with your career goals, caters to your learning style, and provides a holistic understanding of the web development profession, not just the coding aspect.

5. Free coding bootcamp FAQs

The distinction between free and paid coding bootcamps essentially boils down to the breadth and depth of offerings. While there are numerous free and paid options available, paid bootcamps generally provide a more extensive curriculum, personalized guidance, tutoring, and crucially, assistance with job placement upon completion.

The question of whether a paid bootcamp is worth the investment largely hinges on your individual objectives. If you’re contemplating whether coding could be a potential area of interest, a free bootcamp can be a perfect introductory platform. Conversely, if you’re firmly set on transitioning into a coding career, the comprehensive curriculum, professional mentorship, and recognized accreditation provided by a reputable paid bootcamp can be invaluable.

Companies such as Google do indeed hire bootcamp graduates. A study by CareerKarma highlighted that Google ranks second, trailing only Amazon, in hiring bootcamp graduates, especially coders. Moreover, as the demand for tech skills intensifies, an increasing number of companies are actively recruiting bootcamp graduates. JP Morgan Chase, for instance, recruited nearly 2,000 software engineers in late 2022, many of whom were bootcamp graduates.

Thus, if you’re committed to forging a career in coding and have the means to invest, a paid coding bootcamp could be a worthwhile investment, offering a robust training pathway and enhancing your career prospects.

6. Next steps

Transitioning careers and mastering an entirely new set of skills can indeed be intimidating. However, top-tier free coding bootcamps offer an optimal solution, providing a conducive learning environment where you can experiment, make mistakes, and importantly, learn from them, all without any pressure, judgement, or financial burden.

These bootcamps serve as an ideal launchpad to explore if a career in web development aligns with your interests and abilities, without necessitating an irreversible commitment.

This guide hopefully equips you with a more nuanced understanding of what to consider when choosing a bootcamp, in addition to providing a selection of potential free coding bootcamps for your further exploration.

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