Traveling to Philly? Check Out These Shipping Containers Attractions You’ll Rarely See

Traveling to Philly? Check Out These Shipping Containers Attractions You'll Rarely See
Traveling to Philly? Check Out These Shipping Containers Attractions You’ll Rarely See

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), nearly 90% of traded goods are carried by sea, and guess what – mostly in shipping containers. Did you know there are creative shipping container uses besides transportation? Keep reading to learn about the different shipping containers worth checking out on your next trip to Philly.

Cool Container Shopping Malls

Are you an avid shopper who appreciates picturesque spaces? If yes, you’re in for a fun shopping adventure on your next stay in Philadelphia. Among the limitless shipping container uses creatives and investors are now making fancy malls from shipping containers that are colorful and stylish.

For instance, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, in 2022, West Philly unveiled a fantastic shopping mall entirely made from shipping containers. So, whenever you’re in Philly, visit such malls for a fun-filled shopping experience at low prices and a joyful window shopping adventure. Additionally, most container shopping malls have relatively low product prices, meaning you’ll save a lot more while treating yourself to an out-of-the-ordinary shopping experience.

Affordable Shipping Container Stays

If you’re planning for a short stay in Philly, consider booking an AirBnb container home for an affordable stay. Container homes are comfy and are increasingly becoming popular. In fact, according to Fortune Business Insights, in 2021, the market was valued at $56.85 billion and is projected to grow to $87.11 billion by 2029.

Shipping containers are extremely durable and withstand severe weather conditions, making them perfect for your short Philly stay. Unlike hotels, they are portable. Yes, you can move your new “house” around, allowing you to set up accommodation at the center of a park or a conveniently accessible location.

Pop Up Magical Container Restaurants or Cafés in Philly

Adding to the many shipping container uses, investors have devised an ingenious way of developing pop-up fancy and stylish restaurants or cafes in Philly. Containers make fantastic spaces for restaurants and café by bringing a modern, industrial-age theme to spaces. Moreover, they work well to kill boredom and the routine brick-and-mortar restaurants and cafés, making your stay in Philly exciting and extraordinary.

If you’re a foodie, during your next visit to Philadelphia, look for pop-up container restaurants to experience beer garden-style dining at an affordable price. Dare your tastebuds and take them for a ride on Philly’s exotic dishes in a different and exciting container restaurant environment.

In Summary

Shipping container uses are limitless. If you’re in doubt, visit Philly for mindblowing shipping containers, malls, stays, restaurants, and cafés. Don’t allow your next stay in Philadelphia to be boring. Instead, try to venture out and explore shipping container wonders ready to blow your mind. The best part is that most shipping container facilities are cheaper than your usual brick-and-mortar hotels, stays, and shopping malls.